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A New Way To Clean

The steam method allows us to give our customers faster, safer, and better quality service for a great price . Through advanced technology, our steamers use a “dry vapor” steam which uses less water. This enables us to keep our prices at a low and affordable rate.

This process is also more time efficient. This allows our customers to get a more detailed cleaning in a fraction of the time. The steamer reaches hard to reach places effortlessly. Places that would usually take a person a substantial amount of time to complete. Detailers will also be able to complete the wash faster because there would be no need to switch products. Seeing that all the tools that they will need is the steamer and a microfiber towel.

Not only does this steamer allow us to keep our prices affordable and get customers out quickly, this method is also safer for everyone! It is a chemical free sanitizer and deodorizer. Therefore, it is safer for our employees to use compared to other leading products . It also can safely remove any stains, bacteria, mold, fungi, or other harmful organisms, which makes it safer for our customers and their loved ones.

It is also safer for the customers car! There aren’t any harsh chemicals that may remove paint, or damage the engine. There also aren’t any watermarks or scratches left on the windows or the body of the car.

The steamer is able to effectively clean both the interior and exterior of the car. It works well for both leather and upholstered seats. It cleans gunk out of the rugs without using chemicals. It can remove coffee or any other harsh stains. It isn’t really limited to what it can do, unlike other washing methods. Overall it is a deeper clean that is affordable for everyone.

A More Detailed Clean

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Why It’s Better than Traditional?